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Collaborative Masterclass: Trauma Informed Leadership

Trauma-Informed Leadership is about being well-informed to understand and appreciate the emotional scars that people may be struggling with.

These might be directly related to the pandemic, indirectly triggered by what has happened with Covid-19, or may result from people’s wider life experiences. Trauma might include loss, grief, neglect, abuse, betrayal of trust, guilt, a sudden change in circumstances, pain or a sense of powerlessness.

Approaching leadership with an understanding of trauma helps us see and treat others, and ourselves, with more empathy and compassion. It can also help protect against stress and burnout.

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the masterclass you will have:

  • an understanding of what trauma is and how it can be experienced in many different ways and from very
    diverse perspectives
  • knowledge of practical approaches to help you prepare, protect and care for yourself and others
    had “thinking time” and a safe space to explore ways to cope with the challenges ahead, individually and
  • had conversations about how to sustain and support each other and the services you provide

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