Primary Care

Primary Care

Primary Care includes the largest number of providers and accounts for the largest proportion of patient contacts with the NHS.

To meet the needs of a changing population, adopt important innovations and redesign for greater sustainability, Primary Care teams across England will need to evolve the way they work. This is a leadership challenge of unprecedented scale and complexity which requires that Primary Care professionals are inspired, equipped and supported in leadership roles.

We have a range of offers that are designed to provide a toolkit of insights, strategies and practical skills that will help Primary Care leaders step up to the challenges of modern day frontline healthcare provision and the resilience to step forward positively into future challenges.

Our Primary Care Development Offers

Our practical development offers will support you to develop your leadership skills, knowledge and capability to lead in a Primary Care environment.

Our Primary Care Support

Coaching and mentoring are key tools you can use for career development to realise your aspirations, increase your leadership skills, access support through a personal or professional transition as well as increasing your personal resilience.

Individual coaching and mentoring support is available with a highly skilled and experienced coach/mentor though our coaching and mentoring hub.

The NHS People #LookingAfterYouToo also provides coaching support for primary care staff to ensure they feel supported to maintain their psychological wellbeing. Individual coaching support is available with a highly skilled and experienced coach; find out more here.

All Clinical Directors have access to a consultation with one of our leadership and development experts. This consultation can be used to discuss your own personal development requirements, those of your PCN colleagues or the PCN as a whole. Please email us at [email protected].

Primary Care Online Learning and Resources

Below is a range of resources that we feel will be useful and informative to your work in Primary Care. We will continue to update the links below as new and interesting content is produced across NHS and social care organisations, as well as other public sector content.  

Leadership Learning Zone

The Leadership Learning Zone (LLZ) is a suite of free to access e-learning modules created to support your leadership journey and improve your skills and effectiveness. The LLZ has been created so you can access modules at a time that suits and is relevant to you. You can also repeatedly return to the platform and complete your learning in a truly flexible way.

Leadership in systems – Leadership Academy 

Available on the NHS Leadership Academy as a digital bitesize learning resource, this is a 30 minute basic introduction to leadership in systems. It includes an explanation of ‘systems’ as well as an exploration of key systems leadership behaviours. Access requires registration.

It is useful for Primary Care colleagues who wish to understand what systems look like in practice along with the key elements or laws that need to be present for those systems to work as effectively as they can.

Making decisions under pressure – Leadership Academy 

This session speaks to clinical decision-making based on evidence-based treatment and interventions, but also how prolonged periods of pressure and stress can impact on decision-making and clarity of thought. The session is suitable for Primary Care colleagues who make both clinical and non-clinical decisions under pressure, especially where there is uncertainty and ambiguity.

Conversations about painful subjects – Leadership Academy 

This guide for leaders and managers focuses on how to approach discussing painful subjects and trauma, giving a framework for effective conversations. We know that the mental health impact of the pandemic period has been significant, particularly amongst those who have been delivering and leading front-line services and this guide sets out to really assist those colleagues.


System Leadership Behaviours Framework
Our System Leadership Behaviours Framework identifies key behaviours and skills that are needed to lead effectively in a system. The framework outlines four overarching themes, which are underpinned by behaviours. This practical development tool will help you bring to life system leadership behaviours and support conversation and self-reflection. Our new self-assessment will also support you to identify your strengths, areas for development and personal readiness for System Leaders.

Healthcare Leadership Model (HLM)
The HLM has been developed to create a vision for leadership, one that reflects the very best in care and compassion, alongside a focus on excellence in strategy, vision, direction and engagement. It describes what good leaders do, and it will help you develop as a leader by building a better understanding of your leadership behaviours, strengths and areas for focus with the HLM self-assessment and 360 feedback.

Healthy Leadership Framework
The healthy leadership framework can be used flexibly to support healthy leadership development and help promote positive wellbeing in the workplace.


Health On The Line – Sir Richard Leese  

NHS Confederation’s podcast breaks down often complex health and care topics into insightful 30 minute conversations. In this episode, former leader of Manchester City Council and now Chair Designate of Greater Manchester Integrated Care Board (ICB)  talks about integration, provider collaboratives, health inequalities and the new system structures.

This will be of great benefit for Primary Care colleagues who want to understand more about the new ICS systems and why Primary Care is a vital part of those systems moving forward. The real world examples from the Greater Manchester region are invaluable for the insight they bring for healthcare colleagues right across England.

Health on the line – What Primary Care looks like in your system 

In this episode, Dr Nikki Kanani, a GP and Medical Director and Primary Care Lead at NHSE talks about the challenges and successes in General Practice over the past 2 years, what the future of Primary Care systems look like in regards to sustainability, workforce and career development, as well as the importance of population and place in creating a joined up system of working that meets future challenges in Primary Care. 

Leadership Listens Podcast 

Leadership Listens is a series of curated podcasts for leaders in health and care. This mini-series of podcasts, as part of the Leadership Listens series, is all about compassionate leadership and is a collection of conversations between Professor Michael West and leaders from across the health and care sector. Episode 4 in particular will be of interest to Primary Care colleagues as it touches upon compassionate leadership as part of working in and across systems of health and care.

To find out more about our support for Primary care, please get in touch with our team.
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