Bitesize Health and Wellbeing Workshops

Interactive and engaging workshops that provide space to reflect and revitalise

Our virtual health and wellbeing workshops will give you the tools, knowledge and strategies to reflect on and improve your wellbeing.

Leading with Healthy Boundaries for Safe, Effective Care

Time:   2 hour online workshop  

Overview: Emerging research shows links between clear boundaries and compassionate care and compassionate leadership. We know the importance of negotiating clear boundaries to keep yourself well and to support your colleagues and teams. Yet this is often easier said than done! And it is crucial if we are to care for and sustain ourselves and others in the face of ongoing demands and pressures.

Outcomes: This workshop will provide you with the chance to pause, reflect and refresh your thinking on: why boundaries matter for your own wellbeing, how good boundary-setting links to healthy work relationships and good care, why it can be so difficult to set boundaries and agree mutual expectations, practical ideas and strategies ,and tools for refreshing your boundaries for yourself and with colleagues.

Trauma-informed Leadership: A Virtual Workshop

Time:   2 hour online workshop  

Overview: Trauma-Informed Leadership understands and appreciates the emotional scars that people may be struggling with. These might have been triggered by events of the past 3 years, or may result from people’s wider life experiences. Approaching leadership with an understanding of trauma helps us see and treat others, and ourselves, with more empathy and compassion. It can also help protect against stress and burnout.

This virtual workshop is not about diagnosing or psycho-analysing yourself or your colleagues. It is not about being a therapist in your leadership role. It is about creating a working environment which is supportive to people who have experienced trauma – and that may include you.

Outcomes: This workshop will offer you an understanding of what trauma is and how it can be experienced in many different ways and from very diverse perspectives, a practical toolkit to help you prepare, protect and care for yourself as a leader in the demanding months ahead, a safe space to explore what compassionate leadership means in practice and practical ways to model and create psychological safety in your teams.

Rest, Renew and Refresh

Time:   2 hour online workshop  

Overview: The pressures of the past few years have been intense, and for many of us, it has been a relentless and demanding experience, affecting different people in very different ways. It is crucial that we take time to pause and review what we have learnt about ourselves and our teams.

How can we acknowledge, respect and support how people are feeling, whilst finding hope and optimism for what else may be possible? This is not an easy balance to strike, yet is vital if we are to work together and lead with integrity, honesty and compassion. This session considers what Rest, Renew and Refresh means for both individuals and in teams.

Outcomes: This workshop will support you to identify how your own habits and patterns are helping or hindering your ability to rest, renew and keep yourself well, develop a practical plan to refresh your approach, focusing on what matters more and clearing out what matters less in caring for yourself and others ,explore how acknowledging negative emotions and difficult experiences at work can build trust and open up new possibilities.