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Handling Challenging Conversations


This is a two part session, both sessions must be attended

  • Tuesday 10th October, 9am – 12pm
  • Thursday 19th October, 9am – 12pm


With the current changes in the health and social care landscape it is now more important than ever to build effective working relationships with all different styles of individuals and address things that might prevent that. At the heart of these relationships are conversations; some of which can feel challenging and uncomfortable. In these situations, we may at times need to adopt styles or approaches which might not come naturally to us.

The day will cover:

This module will apply sound psychological theory and practices to make a real difference in personal performance in challenging communications. You will:

  • Explore how clarifying feelings of threat enables us to see things more clearly and solve problems more effectively
  • Apply evidence-based models for understanding different approaches to challenge and responding to these most effectively
  • Gain insight and techniques around handling thinking errors and distortions which may hamper our success in building resilience and in dealing with challenging communication
  • Work interactively with actors, in pairs and in groups to try out different styles and learn from each another
  • Receive 1-1 support from a trusted partner in applying a robust approach to an upcoming challenging conversation you may be facing
  • Develop an action plan in relation to your own specific conversation or issue going forward.

Who is it for?

This offer has been commissioned to directly support senior leaders across the North West (including but not exclusive to NHS Organisation Board and Sub Board post-holders, Executive and Governing Body Leads, Primary Care Network senior leadership teams and those working across system level roles).

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