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Collaborative Masterclass: Coaching & Mentoring: Say Less, Ask More!


This Masterclass will give you an understanding of how coaching and mentoring in the workplace can help middle-managers to better understand themselves, improve conversations with their staff, plus improve performance and productivity across the team.

This Masterclass has been designed to help middle-managers promote a coaching conversations and give employees the skills to manage and thrive in the workplace.


In this masterclass we challenge middle-managers to have better conversations with their colleagues and ask the question – “can you stop your ‘advice monster’ in the workplace?

The way in which you lead and manage whether traditional or contemporary will have a direct correlation as to how your business is performing.

In this session, designed from a middle-manager perspective rather than leadership perspective will help you use coaching questions in your day-to-day conversations with colleagues to enable them to take responsibility for their own work and help to embed a positive culture in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • To define coaching and mentoring and how these models can help develop a positive workplace culture.
  • To promote the use of coaching and mentoring in the workplace with middle-managers to ensure better work conversations with colleagues on a day- to- day basis.
  • To understand how organisations have embedded coaching and mentoring models in the workplace and their impact on organisational culture.

Guest Speakers include:

Shirley Gaston, founding director Azesta

Pam Weeden, executive coach and director, Academy of leadership & Management

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