National Programmes

National Programmes

Our national leadership development programmes are designed to help everyone in the NHS discover their full potential and achieve the highest standards in health and care.

The programmes operate at every level of leadership and are there to support you at any point in your career.

Please note, applications to join Mary Seacole, Rosalind Franklin, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson and NYE Bevan are currently closed. There are a number of online programmes such as Edward Jenner and Foundations in System Leadership that are available to access during this time.

If you are a first time leader, Mary Seacole Local can be accessed in the North West.

If you’re in your first leadership role, the Mary Seacole programme will develop your knowledge and skills in leadership and management

100 hours of online learning plus three behavioural workshops

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Alternatively, access Mary Seacole Local in the North West.

Want to get ready for your first leadership or management role? The Edward Jenner programme will build your foundation-level leadership skills

A self-guided suite of short courses. Online with interactive discussions

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For mid-level leaders aspiring to lead large and complex programmes, departments, services or systems

120 hours of online learning, four days of workshops and small group work

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For middle to senior leaders, this programme will help you challenge the status quo, drive lasting change and prepare for senior roles

24-month programme, leads to MSc in Healthcare Leadership

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If you’re a senior leader who wants to move into a board role, the Nye Bevan programme will help you develop the skills attitudes and behaviours you need to succeed

12-month programme. Online learning, residential workshop and self-managed learning sets

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Foundations in System Leadership; collaborating in health and care

A programme for people working in health and care, who want to improve the way they collaborate across organisational and professional boundaries to design and deliver better health outcomes.

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Core Managers: Developing Inclusive Workplaces programme

Are you a manager or supervisor in health and care looking to develop your inclusive leadership skills?

This programme is a suite of self-guided online short courses.

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Hope European Exchange programme

This programme offers those with managerial responsibilities in healthcare a unique opportunity to exchange time with an EU member state for four weeks, followed by an international meeting for all participants

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NHS Leadership Academy is working with apprenticeship providers to offer access to our leadership development programmes as part of apprenticeships

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