Leading Change

This short series will support you to lead and manage successfully through challenging times

Managing change is not always easy, and it can be challenging as a leader to communicate and drive change in a positive way.

This series of short videos and workbooks has been designed to support you and your team to navigate change whilst continuing to deliver outstanding care. Each video will introduce you to a change model, and is complemented by a workbook that includes exercises you can do with your team to explore and reflect on the models.

Find out more about the series in the short introductory video below.

Part 1 – The Change Cycle

The first video of this three part series introduces the work of Elisabeth Kubler-Ross and the Change Cycle. You’ll learn more about how to understand emotional responses to change and how to support this.

Part 2 – Resistance to Change

The second video of this three part series focuses on understanding and managing resistance to change. You’ll explore the work of Rosabeth Moss Kanter and the theory on sources of resistance to change.

Part 3 – Building Cohesive Teams

The final video in this three part series explores how to build cohesive teams that work together effectively. You will learn more about Patrick Lencioni‘s work on the 5 dysfunctions of a team.