Leadership Live

A brand new series of podcasts for aspiring and senior leaders across health and care.

This new on-demand series discusses all things leadership with experts from health and care and beyond to stimulate new thinking, fresh perspectives, and share best practice.

This series will delve into a wide range of curated topics, from transformational leadership and building coaching cultures, to authentic leadership and inclusion, that will spark conversation and support your leadership journey.


Take our new podcast with you wherever you go…from the car to the gym, listen on demand to the latest insights and thinking from our inspirational, expert guests.

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Transformational Leadership

Michelle Howard is joined by Aidan Kearney to discuss transformational leadership, the benefits it brings and the leadership behaviours to become more transformational.

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System Leadership in Action: The Hyndburn Way

In this episode we hear more about the bespoke Hyndburn Way system leadership programme, and how it is working to transform health and care delivery in the complex Hyndburn system.

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Profile picture of Michelle Howard and expert guest Jaspreet Kaur.

The Power of Inclusive Workplaces

Michelle Howard and expert guest Jaspreet Kaur, delve into profound themes of identity, social justice, and belonging; exploring four key aspects of creating inclusive workplaces.

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Building High Performing and Thriving Teams

The episode focuses on how to nurture and develop a thriving and happy team where high performance is the key. Featuring host Michelle Howard and Mike Jones, a former military intelligence analyst, and founder of Better Happy.

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