A place and space for team leaders and managers to connect, share and learn together, providing practical tools, resources and guidance for effectively leading teams during challenging times.

What is ProjectM?

Here you will find inspirational snippets of learning, opportunities to connect with other healthcare leaders, schedules for tweet chats and much more.

Peer Group Support

Join the ‘ProjectM – Managing together’ peer group to network and share with other leaders and managers across the service.

Inspiration Library

Short snippets of learning ranging from videos, podcasts, blogs, links to Ted Talks and much more.

#ProjectM Mentorship

The #ProjectM mentorship is based on harnessing social media (starting with Twitter) to enable the #ProjectM community to self-organise. Join our mentoring community and get or give support to others across health and care. 

Events Registration

A series of free to attend #ProjectM events are constantly being delivered to support the development of our leaders and managers.

Additional Resources