Case Studies

Find out more about the work we do and how it has support leaders across the North West

Learning from the Millom Experience

The NHS North West Leadership Academy (NHS NWLA) understands the evolving leadership landscape. We work in partnership with other sectors and our members to define requirements and to develop bespoke, effective leadership interventions.

Events in Millom since 2014 are a great example of how the NHS NWLA was able to build on the successes of a transformation in local healthcare provision and contribute to a systems leadership model which could be replicated across the North West and beyond.

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Journey to Self-Compassion

At a time of complex change and transformation in health and social care, a powerful leadership and wellbeing intervention has promoted the journey towards self-compassion for senior leaders in the NHS.

The programme, which explores the three key components of self-compassion based on the latest academic research, embeds principles and supports the development of a compassionate approach with colleagues, teams, organisational processes and organisational culture.

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Developing a place-based culture of working

A cross-sector team of ‘collaborative transformation practitioners’ applied their leadership skills and knowledge to developing a place-based culture of working within St Helens.

Their leadership training helped to catalyse and accelerate the progression of the ‘St Helens Cares’ integrated care system, with the remarkable pace and scale of the transformation now being recognised at a national level. 

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