Talent Management

Our vision is to take a whole system approach to talent across the North West which enables the development of an inclusive and collaborative leadership community, all working together to secure better health and care outcomes.   

Alongside the North West Talent Team, we aim to support and develop the talent community in the North West to build capacity and capability throughout the system. We work together to support the NHS People Plan, and the recently released Messenger Review.

Non-urgent advice: Why is talent management important?

Ensuring we have effective leadership across the system is a key challenge for the NHS and many recent reviews and reports have made observations and recommendations about how and where the NHS could make improvements to its leadership development. This has highlighted the need for effective talent management and a succession planning approach.

Non-urgent advice: North West Talent Team

Alongside the North West Leadership Academy, the North West Talent Team aim to support and develop the talent community in the North West to build capacity and capability throughout the system, ensuring we have outstanding Boards with the diversity and skillsets to deliver excellent health outcomes and implement transformational change.

We work closely with organisations, systems and professions to consult on the health of succession pipelines and highlight potential risks and opportunities to deploy talent, creating and supporting a talent focused culture with consistent standards to enable all NHS staff to maximise their potential and contributions.

Contact us at [email protected].

Non-urgent advice: Our Priorities for 2023/24

Non-urgent advice: Inspiring Leaders

Inspiring Leaders is a talent pool that exists in the North West for aspiring Executive Directors and Chief Executives. It is aimed at individuals across a range of professions who have been deemed ready now (within 12 months) or ready soon (within 12-24 months) to reach their aspirant role, following a talent conversation.

Inspiring Leaders will provide individuals with a range of tailored career management support offers which will enable people to reach their full potential, focussing on reflection of personal career ambitions, gathering insights on readiness, networking and transitioning to the next role.

If you are a Line Manager/sponsor who would like to nominate a direct report or colleague to join the talent pool, please contact [email protected]

Resources for those leading the talent agenda

This workspace will support a community of practice where colleagues with an interest in talent can develop a better understanding of Talent Management practices and activity happening in the North West region. It will enable the sharing of good practice, useful tools, case studies and innovations in talent, as well as facilitating dialogue which will allow organisations to connect and collaborate to improve regional talent management.

Access the NHS Futures Page

We would encourage HR & OD colleagues to use this platform to connect with each other, share ideas, learning and resources and to showcase the great work that is happening at organisation and system level.

Talent Management Toolkit

The NHS Leadership Academy has designed a Talent Management Toolkit in collaboration with NHS stakeholders, including organisational talent management leads and Local Leadership Academies. The toolkit is designed to support organisations to develop and embed inclusive, sustainable approaches to talent management for staff at all levels.

Access the talent management toolkit

Talent Management Hub

Access a range of schemes, tools and talent pools to support people on their leadership journeys and unlock potential.

Access the talent management hub

Succession Planning

Board succession planning guidance and tools – please also see the Futures page for North West specific templates and guidance.

Access succession planning support

Resources to support individuals and aspiring leaders

NHS Futures Platform – Inspiring Leaders

This workspace will further support those part of the Inspiring Leaders talent pool to connect with other pool members, access resources, upcoming events and latest vacancies. It provides an overview of the pool and the offers available to you and your role, as well as all the wider programmes and offers available to current and aspiring Executive Directors and Chief Executives developed in collaboration with the NW Leadership Academy.

Access the NHS Futures Platform

Senior Leader Support

Curated resources designed to spark new thinking, offer support and open development opportunities for people with busy senior roles.

Access Senior Leadership support and development

Support for Integrated Care Systems Development

This National Leadership Academy page provides support and development for people in senior management roles and to support integrated care system development.

Access support for Integrated Care System development

Career Management E Book – This Career Management E-Book contains helpful advice on a range of career management information, from preparing your CV, using LinkedIn, structuring interview answers and using NHS Jobs. The eBook also signposts colleagues to the Career Management online tools and resources, where further information is available.

Career Portal – This is an online platform which offers practical tools and resources designed specifically for Leaders to help support you in your career development. The tools and resources offered are through Career Assessments, Aptitude tests, E-Learning paths, Interview simulators, Elevator Pitch Builders and Aptitude tests to name a few. To access the portal, if you don’t already have one, you will need to set-up an NHS Leadership Academy account.

Career Stories – Hearing from others about their career journeys can be a great inspiration when considering our own choices.  Here, senior leaders share their own personal career journeys.