Public Sector Self-Compassion at Work

The NHS people promise has identified that building more compassionate and inclusive cultures is a key action to support NHS line managers and leaders. 

Self-Compassion is the act of “treating ourselves as we would a good friend if they were struggling in some way.” When you increase self-compassion you:

  • Improve mental wellbeing
  • Decrease stress and burnout
  • Improve self-care
  • Improve emotional resilience

In today’s world of work, we are all vulnerable to stress and burnout due to the pressure we experience; whether this is from the ever-increasing demands of our daily workload or the complexity of operating in a constantly changing environment. This interactive programme has been designed to significantly improve leaders’ health, wellbeing, and resilience and will enable you to be turn self-compassion into a positive behaviour at home and work.

What does the programme look like?

  • Time Commitment: This is a four week programme accessed online at users discretion. Over four weeks, you’ll digitally access a weekly 40-50 minute self-guided webinar that allows you access at any time to suit you. You’ll have a key task, daily reflective diary and action plan as well as access to podcasts to turn your learning into practice.
  • Who is it for? This programme is suitable for all members of staff within our membership organisations.

“I have completed the 4 weeks’ worth of materials and found the webinars and practices really inspiring and helpful. I have struggled with an anxiety disorder for several years now and have felt that I had made improvements but was still lacking some components to help me manage my condition. I feel that the way I responded to my anxiety and indeed myself was very critical and negative and this was making the suffering worse and impacting me in every aspect of my life.

Whilst I am still struggling with being kinder to myself, I have learnt many useful techniques from your programme and am starting to notice things like my negativity towards myself and comparisons with others, and I use the positive self-talk to lessen my suffering as well as other techniques such as gratitude and mindfulness…it has made a huge difference and started me on the journey towards a more content and happier self which I know will make me a better professional too.”

Programme Participant

What do the sessions cover?

  • Week One – Introduction to the ‘Public Sector Self-Compassion at Work’ Programme and Background to Self-Compassion
  • Week Two – Introduction to Self-Kindness
  • Week Three – Introduction to Common Humanity and Mindfulness
  • Week Four– Introduction to Developing and Maintaining your Self-Compassion Practice

How can I access the programme?

Included within your membership, you can access this online self-guided programme which will provide you with a full understanding of the theory and practice of self-compassion at work.

Please contact the NHS North West Leadership Academy’s Health and Wellbeing team at [email protected] to enrol