Compassionate Leadership Coaching Programme

Developing Self-Compassion and Shaping your Culture

Every organisation is faced with an ever-changing and constantly challenging economy, where delivering more with less is the priority. Unfortunately, this only increases stress and anxiety related symptoms in those undertaking leadership roles. This distinctive programme will enable those responsible for leading in organisations and/or across their system and locality, to acknowledge and respond to their own need for compassion and therefore allow them the opportunity to more fully engage, support and influence colleagues and staff in their delivery of compassionate care to citizens and communities.

This 8-week programme is a unique opportunity for Executive and Senior leaders working in the complex and changing landscape of health and care across Integrated Care Systems and NHS organisations. The programme provides the opportunity for you to work with a chartered occupational psychologist to explore self-compassion through a group coaching relationship and webinars

Programme Structure

The programme will consist of the following components:

– Four online group coaching sessions, each lasting one hour, conducted through an online meeting service. Including a one hour follow up group coaching session which will take place following the conclusion of the programme

– Access to five training webinars looking at three key components of self-compassion

Learning Objectives

The outcomes for programme participants will be:

To be introduced to the three core components of self-compassion

To have understood the theory, research and scientific support of self-compassion and to learn about and practice all the basic aspects relevant to self-compassion

To have developed personal practice of self-compassion to a leadership role and discussed the implications and challenges of this in the working environment, as well as identified actions to overcome these through the use of a live action plan

To receive relevant information to maintain ongoing self-compassion practice

To have begun to role model compassionate approaches as a leader

To have been given the opportunity and support to develop a ‘Community of Practice’ in regard to self-compassion in the workplace

The coaching sessions are structured around the three core components of self-compassion and compassionate leadership development. The coaching sessions embed the principles and practice of compassionate leadership in a tangible and bespoke manner for the participants.

Previous Participant Feedback

“The programme enabled me to take time our and focus on my own resilience; developed my coping mechanisms in challenging situations; and, as a consequence, be able to do the same for other.”

“I can honestly say this programme has changed my life.”

“I would encourage all leaders to engage in a self-compassion programme as it has led to some significant and meaningful changes for my own approach in both my working and personal life.”

I loved the way that self-compassion, mindfulness, kindness and the theories were explained and how this approach can be utilised personally and in a work situation.”

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