Media Skills


As a senior leader, you are often asked to deliver complex messages to re-assure the public and protect your organisations reputation through the media. 

Our bespoke media skills workshops will help you to develop the strategies, expertise and tactics to confidently speak with the media and wider public audiences.

Media Interview Skills

Whether a media novice or well versed in media relations, getting the message right with the media can be a real challenge – getting it wrong is just not an option.  This workshop will give you the skills needed to face the media with energy, enthusiasm and confidence. This face to face workshop is delivered over one day and will give you the skills needed to face media interviews with energy, enthusiasm and confidence.

The session will cover:

– How to plan and prepare for an interview regardless of the type, ie. digital, live, press, radio or TV.

– How to communicate and be clear with your messaging, using your voice and tone to deliver confident and authoritative interviews.

– Self-preservation, how to take control of an interview and stay on point with your messaging.

– How to handle difficult conversation and potential challenging questions from the interviewer.

– Protect and enhancing yours and the organisations reputation.

This media session is ideal for senior leaders who may be required to communicate with the media as part of their role. For example:

– Clinical Consultants

– Head of Departments

– Deputy Directors e.g. Nursing, Medical

– Media and Communications Managers

Executive Media Strategies

This face to face workshop is designed to give you the skills to react quickly and communicate confidently when a challenge strikes to reassure the public and protect your organisational reputation.  This highly practical workshop is designed for executive spokespeople who may be faced with a potential challenge at very short notice.

This day will be tailored to cover specific issues and meet exact requirements, empowering you with the skills you need to handle a media challenge.  This training is highly practical and you will have the opportunity to take part in ‘real life’ print, radio and TV interviews.

The workshop will:

– Cover both theory and practical tools to prepare you for almost every eventuality connected with a challenge issue as well as provide you with the tools to conduct successful media relations for the future

– You will take part in ‘real life’ print, radio and TV interviews and will see how to prepare, plan and take control of an interview. 

– Build your confidence and ensure you feel comfortable and confident when dealing with journalists and challenging interviews.

Key to this workshop uses ‘Playback Analysis Techniques’ which takes you through a series of challenging interviews, which are recorded and played back for analysis to highlight positives and areas for improvement.

Scenarios will be individualised to make this workshop as realistic as possible.

This offer has been commissioned to directly support Executive leaders across the North West.

This includes NHS Organisation Board and Sub Board post-holders, Executive and Governing Body Leads.