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As a Trainee on the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme (GMTS) you will develop skills, knowledge and confidence to lead the NHS through its transformation into a more efficient and successful healthcare service.

About the scheme

The NHS was created in 1948, to care for patients and communities across the nation.  Its Graduate Management Training Scheme has been around almost as long, with the first trainees recruited in 1956.  Three years later, this pioneering cohort of 13 trainees graduated.  This year, we will be recruiting 250 trainees to join NHS organisations across England in September 2023.  

Over the years, many high-profile NHS leaders have started their leadership journeys as trainees on the Scheme, including current Chief Executive, Amanda Prichard.  Joining the Scheme is only the start of your career journey.  After graduating, you’ll join our alumni network and enjoy many years of support, events and opportunities.  Just like thousands of ex-trainees who are already succeeding on their leadership career paths. 

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How the scheme works

If joining the GMTS in the North West, trainees will specialise in one of four areas:

  • General Management
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Health Informatics

Over the course of two years (or two and a half years for Finance trainees) trainees undertake two placements within NHS host organisations, complete a PGDip in Healthcare Leadership, and can undertake additional professional qualifications within their specialist areas.  In addition to this, trainees also complete an eight week flexi-placement chosen by them.

Trainees are supported by GMTS, Leadership and Lifelong Learning (LLL) regions and host organisations to graduate from the Scheme with the skills, experience and confidence to fast-track into NHS leadership roles. 

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